My Travel Checklist

I figured I could add a section to quickly list all of the places I have been for my own reference as much as for everyone else to see.

New York, NY USA

Syracuse, NY USA

Lake George, NY USA

Boston, MA USA

Salem, MA USA

Orlando, FL USA

Dublin, Ireland 2015, 2018

Cork, Ireland 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland 2015, 2018

Glasgow, Scotland 2015

Modena, Italy 2018

Rome, Italy 2011, 2018

Milan, Italy 2018

Florence, Italy  2011, 2018

Verona, Italy  2018

Venice, Italy  2011, 2018

Pisa, Italy 2011

Bari, Italy 2011

Pompeii, Italy 2011

Athens, Greece 2011

Paris, France 2011

Ljubljana, Slovenia  2018

Zagreb, Croatia  2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia  2018

Split, Croatia  2018

Budapest, Hungary 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia 2018

Salzburg, Austria 2018

Vienna, Austria 2018

Prague, Czech Republic 2018

Berlin, Germany 2015

Munich, Germany 2018

Wurzburg, Germany 2018

Heidelberg, Germany 2018

Mannheim, Germany 2018

Frankfurt, Germany 2018


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