Greetings from Europe

Hello. It’s European me, just checking in during the first stop on my summer of adventures.

(Warning: I wrote this on my phone during a bus trip which means there might be typeos or other grammatical/editing errors. And as I am not really leaving time during my travel to thoroughly edit everything I post…please don’t judge me on the mistakes from now on. Maybe I will dedicate time when I get back to America for editing. But feel free to let me know of anything you catch!)

So first I will start with my final packing count. I ended up departing New York after much chaos the moments before leaving our house with me trying to get my suitcase under the 10 kilo/22lb limit for Norwegian Airlines. (Side note for anyone flying Norwegian–they were very strict with the weight limit and weighed everything I was trying to take on the plane in one batch–and I was still over. Oops.) My sister helped me with my last minute scrambling and was, of course, entertained with my panic. That made one of us.

Obviously I wouldn’t recommend the absolute last second packing routine that I follow…especially when I realized all of the important things I forgot. Like the wedding card.

But I am still impressed with all that I did accomplish. A summer’s worth of clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, and more, that all fit into just 1 rolling duffel and very small backpack. Like many who backpack frequently and know how difficult it can be to lug all your unnecessary shit from one place to another, I tried to keep my items down to the bare minimum.

So here is all that I brought:

Sundress, skirt, romper
Teeshirts and tanktops
Shorts, leggings, jeans
Dress for my friend’s wedding

And once arriving in Dublin, I realized I could still cut some things out, and I sent home my bulky european adaptors (in favor of my brother’s smaller one), a few shirts, credit card receipts, and my souvenir shopping.

(Like this cute travel savings collection box that I just couldn’t pass up from New Look):

So now that I made it all the way to Ireland, my new challenge is making sure all of my clothing items and other stuff that I brought remains functional and accessible. I will be trying really hard to live off of the bare minimum…necessities only for the rest of my summer.

Wish me luck!


✓ First Blog Post

So twenty eighteen is turning out to be a big year for me.

It started with me working my way out of my post-graduate funk, and now I have a job, travel plans, a social life, and am finally inspired to start my blog. Yay!!!

Wow my first blog post. Finally.

What a process it has been to actually begin this. Not that anyone was even wondering why––I think I may just need to explain for myself, so feel free to skip over this section if you don’t want my entire inner-monologue. First, I had to gather all of my bunches of ideas for all of the things I want to write about, so I kept making more and more google docs to collect and “organize” everything I think about. And as you can imagine, my thoughts cover a lot of topics. So this is an ongoing project.

But my biggest problem came while I was trying to come up with the absolutely perfect blog name and title––it had to be good enough to embody any possible blog post idea that I may come up with. This probably makes a lot of sense to anyone familiar with the writing (or any type of creative) process. It is so stressful to try and find the perfect title or the perfect word to use. Because, its like, once you put any type of pressure on yourself to do anything perfect, you just can’t. So I avoided it. For months. Hoping the perfect word would just come to me. Then finally, the other day, I was working on my latest list of name brainstorms and things just clicked. It may not be the perfect title yet, but it covers most of my current topics. So I like it.

It was my New Year’s resolution to begin my blog, but even though it took a long time, it still counts. So ✓ that off my list. But that means that some of my post ideas are a little outdated. I guess I will have to recycle those for next year. (Stay tuned for some really good ones about wrapping christmas presents and being sustainable around the holidays)

I want to be able to explain exactly what my blog is going to be about, and all of the tips for starting your own blog say that you should definitely have a specific topic, but I don’t have an exact answer yet. My plan, as of right now, is to cover the general topics of travel, reading/ books, and environmental issues/ living sustainably. I don’t know if having 3 different topics actually qualifies me as being a lifestyle blog, but I am sure I can cover even more as it goes on. I guess we will just have to see where the blog takes us.


Let me know what you think! This is a work in progress so I would love some feedback. If you like it, check back next Friday for my next post. And if you really liked it, you can subscribe that way you can be notified when my next post goes up. I think.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!